Orbs of a Lingering Moon



It was the night of a lingering Full Moon.


If you squint your eyes you almost see orbs.


Yet orbs are there to see.


Orbs dance into view.


Ghostly in their appearance.


You’ve attracted light beings.


Including Good Old Teardrop in upper left.


They send their brightest.


To shine upon you.

Lower your contrasts, and open your shadows, and you will see.

For those of you who are new to this blog, or would like to refresh your memory as to what orbs are, perhaps this will help: https://orbsdelight.wordpress.com/2012/11/17/photographing-orbs


About orbphotog

Born in the West, I studied photography and painting at the School of Visual Arts in New York City before being drawn back home to the open skies of western living. My camera is always close at hand to capture changing light and to record what catches my eye. However, it is my recent discovery of being able to see orbs through the medium of digital photography that has sparked my passion for photographing the night. All photographs in this blog are copyrighted by me. Occasional photos by guests are copyrighted by the photographer. Please contact if you would like to order prints.

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  1. Wow! what a beautiful shower of orbs here on the Full Moon… Beautiful I hope all is well with you and your life, I have not seen your posts in a while.. Love and Hugs as I back track to see if I missed any 🙂 xxx Sue


  2. Glad to see you’re still “orbing.” I go out in the backyard most nights to visit with the spirit visitors. Some don’t emanate orbs; they get close to the camera and I see them as sparks.It makes it just as exciting. I am having blog site problems and can’t post blogs at this time. My fingers are crossed that the Happiness Engineer can correct the glitch.


    • Yes, I too am thrilled by the sparks even when they don’t show up in the photos. They must be too close to register in the lens. So odd about your blog problems, must be terribly frustrating!


      • My understanding is that they are close so I can see them in the flash. That way they don’t have to emanate. Way back I felt bad about their using the energy to emanate just for me to see them. That’s why they come close for the sparks.


  3. Great to see the orbs again, especially on a night when the moon was full. The year is almost coming to an end and I hope you will be sharing more about them in December (Christmas, of course), right :)?


      • Hehe, trust me, you are not predictable — I guess there are a couple of engagements in the way 😀 It’s just that your blog and blog postings are a rarity in our blogosphere. For a keen follower like me, my anticipation to read something new about the orbs builds when you’ve not posted for some time. To add, I envision the orbs as a joyful lot always ready to appear during remarkable events. I know they will come around in December and I just can’t wait to feast my eyes on pics of their movements by then.


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