Guest Orbs of Ecuador


Chuck Feil photographer

Chuck Feil is our guest orb photographer, presenting the orbs he found at a dance in Vilcabamba, Ecuador.

Proof once again that orbs just like to have a good time. I wonder if they also add to the frivolity, the vibes, of the evening.

Chuck Feil orbs of Ecuador

Isn’t this just what you think is happening at a party? Now we know what all the disco light shows are based upon: the  subliminal knowledge of being surrounded by orbs.

Thank you, Chuck, for sharing your orbs galore with us!

For those of you who are new to this blog, or would like to refresh your memory as to what orbs are, perhaps this will help:


About orbphotog

Born in the West, I studied photography and painting at the School of Visual Arts in New York City before being drawn back home to the open skies of western living. My camera is always close at hand to capture changing light and to record what catches my eye. However, it is my recent discovery of being able to see orbs through the medium of digital photography that has sparked my passion for photographing the night. All photographs in this blog are copyrighted by me. Occasional photos by guests are copyrighted by the photographer. Please contact if you would like to order prints.

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      • Hi thank you for the info,( if I can make a question ? ) do you ever try different type of camera? have you ever go with another person with same type of camera, to take pictures and then compare them? like what type of shape you get?


        • I have tried my iPhone 4S camera, but the flash is ineffective and not suitable for any nighttime photography. I’ve gotten orbs with my older less expensive digital cameras, but again the quality is not as good. Perhaps Chuck and I can go on an orb quest with our Canon G12s together and see if we get different shapes. So far we are both getting rounds and teardrops.


          • that would be nice to see, I have been looking at many pictures of Orbs and I can see many good differences between them but now I’m questioning different shapes within same pictures,that one and the other investigation is filming and taking pictures at same time, very interesting results!!!


            • The light beings whom we see as orbs are not all the same therefore the different shapes and interior features can be seen. Sometimes the same orb can be seen in different photos and on different days. I have been enjoying the amazing variety of orbs and their movements that you have been photographing and filming.


  1. this is great! i rarely use a flash but should start doing so! i did catch an odd blue light that seemed to come out of the bonfire at the beach on new year’s eve.. it only came out when someone approached the fire and poked it.. it was pretty frightening to me, as i could see it, and i feared i would freak everyone out if i told them about what i saw!

    great post, and yes, those orbs surely love the energy of vilcabamba! z


    • Oh good, I’m glad you enjoyed the Ecuadorean orbs, Lisa. It is hard to embrace flash photography when the image quality is usually warmer in natural light. But, for the sake of revealing the orbs we must give them the opportunity to fluoresce with the flash. I can see that if you were unnerved by seeing the blue light in the bonfire, it was probably best not to alarm anyone else. Now you know though, that where there is a party there will be orbs!


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